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Was Nipsey Hussle Targeted by Big Pharma?

By ApacheIAm  April 2, 2019

   The world of Hip-Hop was shaken as the life of risng rap superstar Nipsey Hussle was brutally ripped away.  Ironically sharing the same death date as then rising star Selena Quintenilla in 1995, the young rapper was gunned down in front of his Marathon Clothing line store located in South Central Los Angeles.  He was shot six times at the age of 33 by who was said to be a former member of the Rollin 60's Crips of whom Hussle was a long time member.

  An alleged confrontation with this person resulted in the suspect leaving the store and coming back to commit the crime.  Or is this the story that the powers that be would have you believe?  Could that really be the cover story for something much bigger than we could ever even imagine?   It has recently become well known that Nipsey Hussle was working on a documentary film of significant importance to all people.  As his career progressed and success followed him, Hussle became an important community figure as he started helping create wealth for his community through jobs, development, programs, music, and his clothing line.  I think this may carry on not only to his community but to all people everywhere.  This may just be what his developing documentary was.

   Hussle was trying to inform the world to put eyes on the 1985 Trial of Dr. Sebi, a holistic doctor who was jailed and charged with practicing medicing with no license in New York.  Dr. Sebi claimed to have cured 13 patients of AIDs and numerous other patients of multiple diseases such as Diabetes, Sickle Cell, Blindness, and etc.  Dr. Sebi defended himself in court and actually won.  Was Nipsey Hussle trying to help all of us out by telling us to focus our vision on something much bigger than any of us?  I mean think of it, if some of these diseases were simply cured by what Dr. Sebi described as good diet the Big Pharmaceutical companies would crumble like tha wall of Jericho.  Think of how many wrongful death lawsuits there would be due to some of these so called medications.  How many CEO's would take a trip to the slammer for profiting off the literal blood, sweat, and tears of so many of us "Average People?"  How many government officials would be implicated right alongside those who kept shoveling money into those deep pockets?  The medical community would be in such crisis that it would eventually tank.  Mistrust between all parties involved would prevail.  

  I think its safe to say that there may have been entities out there that may not have wanted Hussle to move any further on his documentary film work.  Was it really just a coincidence that artist Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes from the group TLC discovered and made public the works of Dr. Sebi and then was tragically taken from us in a "Car Accident?" 

   Will the perpetuation of all these coincidences ever cause us to realize the truths behind the matrix thats worn over our eyes as blinders on a horse?


Big Pharma All Bad

By ApacheIAm - March 26, 2019

    The inundation of pharmeceutical drugs upon the people has been really bad the past few years.  Claims of remedies for every kind of ailment you can think of run rampant on television.  You want to talk about cornering a market.  Well Big Pharma has cornered pretty much every target market a person can think of from baldness to laughing when an individual becomes nervous.  Some of it almost sounds to good right?  But what if I brought something to your attention that is pure open source information happening right in front of you eyes?  Big Pharma has not only been bleeding America dry monetarily and physically, but now have ensnared our youth.


  It has now become a fairly common occurence for children to be treated with pharmeceutical drugs for a range of things.  Chemical alteration of the developing brain, "in my humble opinion" is a horrible idea.  Granted, I am no medical doctor but it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that the link between doctors and Big Pharma companies is purely founded upon the almighyt dollar.  These doctors hand out drugs and sample drugs like they are candy to "patients."  In turn we tend to see the bad side effects every now and then from a lack of real therapy and over abundant supply of some of the nastiest man made poison.  Is it a coincidence that many of these "mass shooters" were psychiatrically treated or taking some for of medication.  


  As we watch television today we can see when advertised that almost all of these drugs have over 20 side effects that in turn may cause different side effects.  Mixed with unprofessionalism on some doctors parts, just being honest, we get cases like Sandy Hook.  I mean, the doctor that was treating the Adam Lanza was accused of sexual assault with a 19 year old girl, gave up his medical license in the states to go practice in New Zealand, then a patient Nicky Stevens, who happened to be the son of  politician Dave McPherson died while under psychiatiric care.  This is just the tip of the ice berg with this guy.  Obviously unable to follow appropriate standards for proper handling of patients records was not his forte either.  He was said to destroy Lanza's records 2 years to early.  We have allowed our children to be carelessly tossed into a world where they are being controlled by greed driven professionals with one thing on the mind.  


  Now that we have uncovered a minor portion of information on just one alleged mass shooter it might be easier for people to see the connection between these shooters, pharmeceutical drugs, and psychiatrists. Not enough yet?  The tragic murders that took place at one of the first mass shootings in America thrust into the public spotlight at Columbine High School in Littleton Colorado were coincidentally carried out by a young man also on Anti-depressants Eric Harris.  He was taking a drug called Luvox which happens to be a Selective Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitor.  Ultimately in the end there is one winner.  Of coarse its Big Pharma.  Why wouldnt it be right?  After all not only do they get the free publicity however negative it may be, but they get to feed more hungry mouths with thier poison, as these effected victims from these events end up needing professional treatment for years and years to come for thier PTSD.  See there is no way the Pharmaceutical companies cant profit in a horrible situation.  But isnt it oddly curious how they would not profit in a situation where people were actually happy with no need of the majority of these medicines. 

   Will we ever get to that point when we realize that we have the power?  Is it possible for us to realize that they have tricked us into thinking we need all these tonics and snake oils?


Denver International Airport…What’s the Deal?

By ApacheIAm  March 13, 2019

Denver's Airport Official Logo
    In recent years people have often talked about Denver International Airport as if it was the head base for so-called “conspiracies.”  The stories seem to range from a “Secret Nazi Base”, to the New World Order Headquarters after “The S.H.F. Scenario.”  Maybe the Gargoyles near east and west baggage claims have some sort of paranormal purpose.  Might it be the time capsule set by Freemasons who were involved in the dedication of the facility that lead people to think something fishy is going one there?  Maybe that “Apocalyptic” looking horse statue that fell on its creator and killed him placed out near Pena Boulevard has some sort of significance.  Or maybe it’s just an intense interpretation of an artist’s view.  At any rate, in order for us to become better more free thinkers, we must first digest all the evidence and obtain a reasonable logic from facts.  First, we will go through some of the “So-called conspiracies” that are floating around out there on the internet.  Then let’s look at some of the truth that we can rely on as cold hard evidence.  Lastly after digesting some information, you will be able to take the leap and determine for yourself whether you take things at face value like a good little sheep or whether you are ready to do a little research for yourself.

  First let’s start with the rumor of the swastika shaped runway pattern, if you can even call it that.  Let’s try more like a poor architectural representation of a swastika drawn by someone without artistic abilities.  So, I hate to burst anybody’s bubble, but I don’t think we can chalk this one up as a fact.  On the other hand, the runway pattern was thoughtfully designed to help with the landings and takeoffs in conjunction with the strong winds coming down from the Rocky Mountains.

  Next let’s look at the alleged “tunnels.”  Over the year’s stories have circulated that there are tunnels deep below the airport that may be underground bunkers for the “elite” to shelter in case of catastrophe, alien hybrid lizard people have a secret underground facility in operation underneath, and secret train tunnels leading from there to N.O.R.A.D. for continuation of government are just a few.  The fact is about the tunnel to Colorado Springs about 100 miles away would technically then be considered the longest man-made underground tunnel and train rail system.  These both would be incredible feats which we would like to believe today with the power of communication at a swipe of a finger, would not go unnoticed in some form or fashion.  About the elite, well, its kind of seems as if they are just buying and or building their own bunkers these days instead of taking an old trip to the “Denver International.”  Its proven fact that Gary Lynch, the General Manager of Rising S, reported a company growth of %700 from 2015-2016.  Its also proven fact that even Silicon Valley elites such as Peter Thiel, enriched by Facebook and PayPal, recently built a brand-new pad down in beautiful New Zealand, complete with a “Snazzy” little panic room.    A few others that have decided to bumble in and take land from New Zealanders are director James Cameron, and Hedge Fund Manager Julian Robinson.  With all due respect, only where its deserved, these facts sway me to think that maybe if S.H.F. Denver’s Airport wouldn’t be the final destination for a herd of overindulged, egotistical, self-centered uber rich few to huddle up together to ride out the storm.

  Now one of the largest pieces of evidence that some sort of conspiracy exists under the Denver International Airport is the ever so controversial artwork.  Created by Artist Leo Tanguma, some of these paintings contain images war, devastation, destruction, and rebirth.  The timeline of painting starts with peace in the form of a dove being struck down by the sword of war who conveniently is depicted with a gas mask on.  These sparks interpretations of some truth seekers out there of some sort of chemical or biological attack scenario.  Following are what appears to be city in the background in a sort of haze with trees on fire, children surviving with extinct animals in glass cases along with the bodies of certain cultural peoples in caskets.  Finally, the mural of the group of children essentially representing the nations of the world coming together in accordance with peace and carrying their swords wrapped in flags to create a new world of peace and happiness while treading on the past of war and hate between mankind.  Some people say that these paintings depict the plan that the New World Order plans to carry out and the outcome expected.

  “Order out of Chaos.”  The fact is that art is seen in many ways depending upon the viewer.  With that said we also know that the “So-called elite, N.W.O., or the proverbial “they””, like to show the sheeple right to their faces what they intend.  Are the depictions of war and suffering actual planned intentions for the people of this great nation and more?  The many visible differences between children could make a person think that the children depicted represent survivors of a war to end all wars.  Would that suffice the rest of the world’s nations, to take down a super-power country who has technically been responsible for multiple wars over decades both publicly and secretly?  Could we even honestly say that this is the only way to end the worlds hatred, suffering, or war?  Or would War only perpetuate War?

  Now that we have presented a few mysteries surrounding the Denver International Airport, and some facts, will you decide that you will just believe what is put in front of you?  Or are you just a tad bit more curious about things?  Maybe it doesn’t even matter to you at all because it doesn’t have anything to do with your life.  Well maybe your right.  Or maybe, your wrong.  How many coincidences does there have to be in order for people to start asking questions?  You decide.




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